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I am looking forward to seeing everyone in the salon! It will be a different experience but we will be ok!! Be sure to come prepared for it. Anti Dote Studio will be following the provincial guidelines for appointments, including the following:

*limiting the number of clients in the salon at a time

*no waiting area usage ( come right on time or be prepared to wait outside)

*providing hand sanitizer

*additional time in-between bookings for thorough disinfecting and cleaning.

*no magazines or drinks will be provided

*limited bathroom use if possible

*We ask all clients to arrive alone

*BRING YOUR OWN MASK, otherwise we will provide a mask for a fee of $5.

*Anyone showing signs of illness will be turned away so please cancel your appointment in advance if you are feeling any symptoms.

*plan for the weather as all clients will be waiting outside until your appointment time

*arrive on time, if you arrive really early you will wait outside

*if you are too late you will forfeit your appointment

*our stations are already 6 feet apart so need to worry there

I will be blowdrying and styling as it states in the guidelines that we can as long as everyone has masks so yay. If you would rather not just let me know.

If you have any questions be sure to let me know and I look forward to seeing you soon!

I am excited to announce that Anti Dote uses organic and ammonia free products!



One-on-one classes available via Zoom. Email me for more info!

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